Solutions for Retail

The Retail Industry with its wide-spread operations that generate huge volumes of a variety of data at high velocity poses a challenge for finance operations.

Visibility to and quick resolution of operational control weaknesses and timely and comprehensive reconciliation of sales and collections across the system have always been major concerns.

  • SmartKatch Retail Audit Management System – gives you complete visibility and control over retail operations ensuring quick identification of control lapses and timely resolution to prevent hidden leakages. Risk profiling of outlets based on transactional behaviour allows selective focus on problem areas.

  • SmartKatch Tender Reconciliation System – automatically matches sales to collections using a set of algorithms. Prompt alerts to identify delays or shortages in banking of collections ensures cash collected reaches the business timely and completely.


Touch Free Operation        

Autonomous, Continuous and Intelligent @ scale


Process Centric Design        

Every exception assigned a unique badge number for life cycle tracking


Broad Search, Sharp Results

Fuzzy Logic, ML, Advanced Pattern Based Search

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